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Welcome to the Linguistic Funland's TESL page. This site is intended to be a stepping off point for TESL/TEFL people into the wonderful chaos available on the Internet. If you have questions on what to do here, an introductory file is available.

I have included links to other search mechanisms (such as the Applied Linguistics Virtual Library) which contain an enormous amount of useful information, and many of the other sites I have listed will connect you to still more. I hope that this page will continue to be a good demonstration of the resources available on the Net.

This page has recently undergone its quarterly revision. The initial page and successive ones should now load much more quickly, however, some links may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Please report any problems so that I can fix them.

If you know of a site or other information that should go here, or if you have comments on how I can make these pages better, please e-mail me. Sites on this page can be telnet, web, gopher, e-mail, or FTP: if your browser does not support one or more of these, let me know and I'll try to help. Special thanks to Tom Robb and Cindy Chou who sent in their lists of favorite sites and inspired the beginning of these pages.

TESL Resources Main Menu

Job Opportunities in TESL, Including Japan, Turkey, and other Countries

Exercises/Activities for Students

Articles & Essays of Interest

Electronic Discussion Groups: Mailing lists and Newsgroups for Teachers

E-mail Pen-Pal Assistance: Get info on how you can set your class up with "keypals"

ESL/EFL Organizations & Journals such as TESL-EJ

Study Programs for students of English and for Teachers wishing to enhance their own education

Fun, Interesting, & Cultural Sites: News, Museums, Holidays, Arts, and More

Miscellaneous ESL/EFL Resources, Homepages of other ESL Professionals, and things which didn't seem to fit in another category.

Search Engines & More Information Resources: Find other sources of information by keyword searches and other mechanisms.

Teaching Materials, Publishers, & Software (Freeware & Shareware)

Projects by ESL Students

Grant information on the Net

Information on TOEFL and Testing

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