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Many years ago, there was a wonderful ESL Jobs page. This site had teaching job announcements, ESL/EFL jobs overseas, and lots of other resources. Sadly, at one point, the ESL Jobs site went away, so I began collecting links to resources and information regarding ESL/EFL employment.

Today, of course, there are probably hundreds of ESL/EFL/TESOL job seach sites on the Internet, but I still keep the section around since some people seem to find helpful information here. This category has links to various things that didn't quite seem to fit into the "Recruiters" category, or into one of the country-specific teaching jobs sections which list teaching jobs in China, Japan, Korea, Mexico and other places. You may find placement agencies, recruiters, blacklists/whitelists, places to discuss working conditions at various schools overseas -- all sorts of things. There are also some more generic employment guides and resources.

English teaching is big business in many countries in the world. Still, many would-be English teachers find it hard to know where to start. I hope that some of the links in this category will help you in your ESL/EFL job search. As always, if you know of a great site that should be here, please use the "Submit a Site" link above to submit the site for inclusion in this directory. Alternatively, feel free to drop me an email and let me know about it.

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Submitted on 2022-09-27 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
Jobs are displayed with the salary range in order of Application Deadlines. Jobs will be kept in the database until the application deadline has passed.

Education Tay
Submitted on 2015-12-22 by Raymond Blanchett [Edit] [Delete]
Visiting Education Tay you will find guidance on teaching jobs overseas in Europe, Middle East and globally. Teacher training for state & international schools as well as language school TEFL training.

EFL Sensei Jobs
Submitted on 2015-07-15 by Becki Benedict [Edit] [Delete]
EFL Sensei provides resources for teaching English overseas. Find job opportunities, teaching tips, and speaking activities for lessons.

Profesores Particulares y Nativos de Inglés
Submitted on 2015-06-23 by Todd [Edit] [Delete]
Find Quality English teachers in Spain. Teachers can post Cvs to find Quality jobs and get seen by more potential clients.

English Teacher Edu
Submitted on 2015-05-28 by Tony Smith [Edit] [Delete] details the education options, teacher preparation program requirements, and examination process involved in qualifying to become an English teacher.

ESL Jobs Board
Submitted on 2015-04-19 by Eric [Edit] [Delete]
ESL jobs broad offers ESL jobs in different countries. English teaching jobs in TESOL and ESL teaching jobs at many levels, university, colleges, public schools, and comapnies

French Selection
Submitted on 2014-09-25 by French Selection [Edit] [Delete]
Offer a wide selection of jobs for individuals speaking French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Job roles range from graduate level up, through to management with opportunities available both in the UK and abroad.

Footprints Recruiting Incorporated
Submitted on 2014-04-15 by Ben Glickman [Edit] [Delete]
Footprints Recruiting is a leading recruiting company for ESL teachers. All of our services are free for teachers - we offer placements in Asia, The Middle East as well as other parts of the world. We offer teachers mentors, information and get-togethers. Footprints Recruiting also offers a lot of resources for teachers interested in teaching English abroad.

Submitted on 2014-03-13 by Mark Gill [Edit] [Delete]
ESL-Worldwide is a job board for people who are looking to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). Discover job vacancies from schools and academies around the world. It's free and easy to apply for positions and there is no signup required. Furthermore, you can post your resume/CV and allow employers to come to you!

Submitted on 2013-08-09 by Ben Glickman [Edit] [Delete]
We list ESL and expat teaching jobs, provide free resources for English teachers and information about TESL, TEFL and working abroad.

Submitted on 2013-07-14 by Algirdas [Edit] [Delete]
Job interview questions with answers. How to answer difficult questions. The questions you should ask and the questions you should avoid. Useful interview tips. English teaching jobs worldwide.

Quinn's World of TEFL
Submitted on 2013-03-13 by Dan Quinn [Edit] [Delete]
A new TEFL jobs and ESL resources site for teaching English around the world. Browse jobs boards and post vacancy details.

Submitted on 2012-12-08 by Greg [Edit] [Delete]
TeacherPort is a free resource for teachers and new university graduates to find suitable teaching jobs abroad.

Open English
Submitted on 2012-10-16 by Natalia [Edit] [Delete]
Open English is leading the future of on-line education through award-winning and entertaining multimedia material. Our instructors enjoy the flexibility of working convenient hours from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, small class sizes allow instructors to provide students with individual attention and feedback.
Submitted on 2012-08-07 by Mitch Gordon [Edit] [Delete]
The Teach Abroad section of GoOverseas has listings of schools throughout the world + reviews left by teachers. We also have Teach Abroad articles + country guides + Day in the Life interviews.

EEC-Anglo - Teach English in Turkey
Submitted on 2011-11-24 by Zeki Opuz [Edit] [Delete]
Residential Immersion Courses for Executives

Protocol Education
Submitted on 2011-11-17 by Emma [Edit] [Delete]
Protocol Education has been helping Australian teachers find teaching jobs in England for over 10 years. Find out how our Australian team can help you find teaching jobs in London and right across England.

Summer TEFL Jobs
Submitted on 2011-09-18 by Rachael Oliver [Edit] [Delete]
Summer TEFL Jobs a place for teachers looking for summer TEFL work or courses. Lots of helpful articles and resources.

Summer TEFL Jobs
Submitted on 2011-08-19 by David Williams [Edit] [Delete]
Search and apply online for summer TEFL jobs in the UK and Europe. View summer language school profiles. Find advice for UK TEFL teachers.

TEA: Teaching English Abroad
Submitted on 2011-06-26 by Michael Suswal [Edit] [Delete]
TEA helps you get the job you want WHERE you want. TEA is a site that helps candidates prepare for the best ESL/EFL jobs in the world. Having sorted through thousands of resumes, and conducted around a hundred interviews for a dozen schools, I am in a position to offer an insight many do not have. My site has 13 video “lessons”, social networking functions, direct advice and support, tools, and other features that vastly improve job prospects.

TEFL Jobs London
Submitted on 2011-06-10 by Eliza Riddell [Edit] [Delete]
Search and apply for London TEFL jobs. Post your CV on our online database. View language school profiles and find TEFL Courses in London.

You Can Teach English
Submitted on 2011-03-08 by Pam Osabel [Edit] [Delete]
It is a fast growing directory of international English teaching jobs and information with teacher interviews sharing insights about exactly what it is like to teach in in a variety of countries.

TEFL Jobs World
Submitted on 2011-03-01 by Jon Duckett [Edit] [Delete]
Your all in one TEFL destination: Worldwide TEFL Jobs, Courses, Bookstore and country and city guides and practical teaching advice from real teachers.

Happy Cats TEFL Jobs
Submitted on 2011-01-12 by Nathan Duckett [Edit] [Delete]
Happy Cats TEFL - TEFL Jobs from around the world. TEFL course listings, a TEFL book store, country and city guides and resources for teachers.

Native English Speakers Jobs (EFL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/ESOL)
Submitted on 2010-10-27 by Noora Al Basami [Edit] [Delete]
We are recruiting Native English Lecturers with EFL TEFL TESOL ESL ESOL for Ministry of Manpower-Sultanate of Oman.Very Attractive Salary plus Tax Free!!!

English Profi
Submitted on 2010-10-25 by Kenny Christian [Edit] [Delete]
An international directory of language experts including ESL teachers, translators, interpreters, copywriters, localization experts and voiceover actors. Freelancers and agencies are welcome to create professional profiles to promote their services. There is a free job board to post and search for job opportunities and language services projects.

Teach and Travel Jobs Inc.
Submitted on 2010-10-22 by Mike Campion [Edit] [Delete]
Teach and Travel Jobs Inc. is a free service for university grads who are looking for amazing opportunities to teach English as a second language in Korea. All the information you need is right here at your fingertips. Over my four years as an ESL teacher in South Korea, I made extensive contacts, became knowledgeable about the recruiting processes and learned about how to get around possible challenges.

London House School of English
Submitted on 2010-09-05 by London House School of English [Edit] [Delete]
London House School of English is an excellent place to learn English. We are located in Kent England, in the beautiful seaside town of Westgate-on-sea. Westgate-on-sea is only 25km from the famous city of Canterbury, 100km from London and within easy reach of the major London airports and the port of Dover. We offer adult programs form beginners to advanced. Also IELTS FCE CAE BEC and other exam course. We also offer junior courses, summer winter and easter short stay holidays.

Find Teaching Jobs in the Middle East
Submitted on 2010-05-12 by [Edit] [Delete] is the central hub for teaching jobs in the gulf region, with exclusive Middle East and North Africa teaching jobs and information. Our site features ESL, EFL, English, College & University, K-12, Training jobs and more. Our goal is to provide you the tools and resources necessary on making the transition abroad

Teach English in Asia: Korea, Japan, China & Taiiwan
Submitted on 2010-02-05 by Issa [Edit] [Delete]
Free online resource with hundreds of jobs and lots of information about teaching and living in Asia.

Submitted on 2010-01-16 by Mick Briggs [Edit] [Delete]
TEFL Jobs displays English Teaching jobs in the UK and all over the World (or even online), the site benefits from the members of the Houdini team with first hand TEFL teaching experience. TEFL Jobs is ideal for Summer School staff recruitment.

Teach English In China | See Far See East
Submitted on 2009-12-26 by Andrew Robinson [Edit] [Delete]
See Far See East find native English speakers jobs teaching English in China. They offer advice and help prepare successful job applicants for teaching in China. Their focus is on providing quality teachers to quality schools free of charge to the teacher.

ESL Jobs Connect
Submitted on 2009-11-16 by Lloyd [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Jobs Connect is a jobs board for TESL teachers and schools. It is free for teachers to post resumes and search jobs. Also, it contains a resource board for teaching ESL articles and resources.

TEFL jobs Asia
Submitted on 2009-11-03 by jason [Edit] [Delete]
Find your new TEFL position here. We have many positions in Cambodia / China / Indonesia / Japan / South Korea / Thailand / Taiwan / Vietnam . Pay us a visit.

Find teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia
Submitted on 2009-10-06 by Esllam [Edit] [Delete]
TeachSaudi is the exclusive headquarters for teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia, with information on traveling, living, and teaching in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has become an educational hub for teachers all over the world; here we provide you the tools and resources necessary on making the transition to Saudi.

Serious Teacher
Submitted on 2009-07-30 by Juan Luckey [Edit] [Delete]
SeriousTeacher is a website that offers a service of providing teachers and educators of all backgrounds and expertise to educational organizations, recruitment agencies and other employers alike in search of teachers worldwide.

Teachers Employment Network
Submitted on 2009-06-30 by Karen [Edit] [Delete]
We are a job source site.The employers can look for teachers and job seeker can find ideal jobs.Teachers are from USA,UK,Canada and Austria and so on.

EF English First's Teacher Recruitment Site
Submitted on 2009-06-04 by Wendra So [Edit] [Delete]
This site provides information about ESL jobs at EF English First in China, Indonesia, Russia, Saudi Arabia and some other countries.

Reach To Teach - Teaching English Abroad
Submitted on 2009-04-20 by Andrew Dunkle [Edit] [Delete]
We offer ESL job placement services to native English speakers from around the world. Our experience allows us to give simple answers to your questions and help you make informed decisions every step of the way. From the cities and countryside of Taiwan to the unique opportunities of China or South Korea, we are here to help you find a rewarding teaching adventure in Asia. Teaching English offers a tremendous opportunity to see the world while leaving a positive impact.

ESL Jobs - Teach English Abroad
Submitted on 2009-03-27 by ESL Jobs Editor [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Jobs has English teaching positions from all around the world. Jobs are updated daily.

Language Jobs from lingua-jobs
Submitted on 2008-03-30 by Andy Green [Edit] [Delete] is an online job board specialising in bilingual and multilingual jobs in London, across the UK, Europe and worldwide. Registration is free and you can upload your CV, set up email job alerts, subscribe to RSS feeds and apply for language jobs online.

Careers in Teaching, Physical Therapy Jobs, ESL Teacher Vacancies.
Submitted on 2008-01-30 by Anet Martirosyan [Edit] [Delete]
Offers educational career resources for teaching jobs in the U.S. including music teacher positions, science teacher jobs, special education, and occupational and physical therapy

CareerSteer: Can you be a TEFL Teacher?
Submitted on 2008-01-18 by Cole Davis [Edit] [Delete]
This is a short questionnaire about TEFL qualifications. It analyzes the responses to a few questions and gives integrated feedback. Take the quiz!
Submitted on 2007-12-22 by James [Edit] [Delete] is an international ESL job board and ESL link exchange.

ESL Marketing
Submitted on 2007-12-10 by Jonathan [Edit] [Delete]
ESL resource site with ESL jobs, ESL schools, curriculum, English study, and more.

ESL Job .org - English Teaching Jobs
Submitted on 2007-09-03 by Mariusz Strawinski [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Job positions for English language teachers. Post ESL Teaching Jobs or your teacher's resume.

Teaching Jobs From eEducation, Teacher, Teaching & Education Jobs London, UK
Submitted on 2007-07-25 by Peter Nagy [Edit] [Delete]
Teaching Jobs from eEducationjobs, UK's dedicated online Teaching Jobs Board. Search and Apply for Teaching jobs. Free Jobseeker and Employer Registration.

My ESL Jobs - English Teaching, EFL, TEFL, ESL Jobs for Teachers
Submitted on 2007-07-12 by Kevin Kim [Edit] [Delete]
My ESL Jobs provides free tools to help you find your TEFL/ESL jobs faster. Quick and easy registration gives you access to weekly jobsletter, personal resume web page and more.

ESL Jobs World
Submitted on 2007-04-15 by David Rogers [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Jobs World is for teachers interested in teaching English as second or foreign language, and the schools that are looking to hire them. Whether you call it ESL, EFL, TESL, TEFL or TESOL, ESL Jobs World can help you find your next English teaching position.

Submitted on 2007-01-16 by Carolyn Hardwick [Edit] [Delete]
Putting teachers and students in the Barcelona area in contact with each other. Teachers can upload their profiles and students, schools and companies can search the database for a teacher. News, views and information for EFL teachers.

ESL Job Center
Submitted on 2006-12-14 by James Brown [Edit] [Delete]
Searching ESL jobs and posting resume for ESL or TEFL teachers and posting employment advertisements for ESL teachers, along with an extensive searchable resume database.

Teach ESL Privately to Students from Japan
Submitted on 2006-09-27 by Beau Mueller [Edit] [Delete] introduces visitors from Japan to local ESL and other language tutors and conversation partners in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere.
Submitted on 2006-09-02 by Adam [Edit] [Delete] provides an area in which schools may post advertisements to employ ESL teachers. The site also provides an area for teachers to post their resumes for schools to peruse. also has resource areas that are being filled to provide information to all those involved in Education particularly those involved with teaching English as a Second Language.

ESL Job Centre by Go Teach
Submitted on 2006-07-31 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
ESL job postings, resume board, news headlines, blogs, TESOL courses and other teaching resources.

Secondary & primary teaching jobs in London, UK & abroad at Click 4 Teachers
Submitted on 2006-07-11 by Vialiy [Edit] [Delete]
Click 4 are able to offer a choice of jobs for Primary, Secondary and Special Needs teachers.
Submitted on 2006-04-27 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete] is a vertical search portal for ESL/EFL teachers. Site features include job search resources, an ESL industry news service, discussion forums and much more.

ESL Elite :: ESL jobs, forums, teaching resources and more!
Submitted on 2006-03-26 by Ricky Wang Greenham [Edit] [Delete]
Provides English teaching forums, job postings, useful countries information and directory. Also offers teaching resources and ESL classifieds.

English Language Fellow Program
Submitted on 2006-02-13 by Nancy C. Peters [Edit] [Delete]
The English Language Fellow Program is recruiting experienced TESOL professionals to teach English abroad for the 2011 – 2012 academic year. Eligibility requirements, additional information and online application at:

ESL Job Feed
Submitted on 2005-12-12 by RSS feed administrator [Edit] [Delete]
RSS job source of teaching vacancies for ESL/EFL teachers worldwide
Submitted on 2005-10-29 by Steven Starry [Edit] [Delete] has employment information for English teachers in Madrid, Spain. Freelance English teachers can advertise themselves. There are elementary vocabulary activities. There's a photo section of Madrid.
[ Webmaster's Note: WARNING! This site completely crashed my Mozilla browser. If you use Firefox, Netscape, or other Mozilla derivative, you might want to save any work you have going on before visiting this site. --Kristina ]

AAC - ESL Teacher's Job Site
Submitted on 2005-10-03 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Jobs throughout Asia and Europe. Guide to teaching English in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and more. ESL Jobs board, country profiles, and information including classifieds, visa info, accommodation, taxes and TESL / TEFL courses.

Resume and CV Tips
Submitted on 2005-08-05 by Carl [Edit] [Delete]
A collection of articles and samples that will help job seekers improve their CVs, Resumes & Coverletters. The site also hosts a forum, where job seekers can help each other on job hunting issues.
[ Webmaster's Note: Okay, this one is not TEFL/TESL-specific, but I don't think I have any other resume/CV links on the site, and many people have questions about how to write one. Please let me know if you found this link useful. --Kristina ]

ESL Job Project
Submitted on 2005-07-30 by Jonathan Taylor [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Job Project is an ESL jobs source for English teachers living and teaching English Abroad in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other overseas locations. We are dedicated to providing the English language teaching community with a reliable source for ESL teaching jobs, resume postings, ESL English teacher recruitment, Asian classifieds, living in Asia information, ESL teaching material and ESL job related information.

Total ESL
Submitted on 2005-07-13 by Total ESL [Edit] [Delete] TotalESL helps ESL/EFL teachers and schools (international, private, government & institute) communicate/find each other. This site is dedicated to all of Asia (including the Middle East), as well as Australia and New Zealand. You can upload, post and search every country in Asia for schools, jobs, resumes, yellow pages (English friendly businesses), general information topics, classifieds and lesson plans.

ESL Base
Submitted on 2005-05-23 by Alison [Edit] [Delete]
TEFL jobs worldwide, A directory of TEFL courses, information, advice and resources for teachers.

Submitted on 2005-05-09 by Robert Leitch [Edit] [Delete]
English teaching vacancies in Russia. Only current vacancies are displayed. Secure online job application (requires registration, which is free). Site has strong anti-spam policy.

Online Guide to TESOL Courses
Submitted on 2005-04-12 by Chris Ward [Edit] [Delete]
Teach English Worldwide strives to provide clear, comprehensive advice to anyone interested in teaching English overseas. We have a wide range of information on subjects like TEFL/TESOL certification courses, English teaching job prospects, and travel advice.

Erican Language Centre/ Malaysia
Submitted on 2004-11-13 by Ki Chong [Edit] [Delete]
ERICAN aspires to be the premier language training provider in Asia, with the noble aim of helping 1,000,000 people to acquire solid communication skills in the major international languages, particularly English, by the year 2020. We are currently recruiting ESL teachers. If you are passionate about teaching and want to have the chance to explore the southeast Asia, then we the right option for you. Please write to us at for more information.

INGLESE.IT - Italy's EFL Portal
Submitted on 2004-10-25 by Neil Barker [Edit] [Delete]
Work in Italy! Looking for a teaching (TEFL) job in Italy. Search our FREE database of 1600 Italian EFL schools or place a job wanted ad.

SAET - South African English Teacher
Submitted on 2004-07-27 by John [Edit] [Delete]
SAET.CO.ZA is a site dedicated to the South African English teacher. Today, South African English teachers are travelling around the globe in search of adventure, fun and money. This website is a must for any South African teacher contemplating venturing out into the world for the first time as well as for veterans seeking their next destination. SAET.CO.ZA aims to help ESL / EFL teachers find the perfect job.

ESL Jobs, TEFL Jobs, TESOL Jobs
Submitted on 2004-07-07 by Jack [Edit] [Delete]
Jobs worldwide in ESL/TEFL/TESOL. Contains career-related information, lesson plans, activities and related resources,Completely Free!
Submitted on 2004-03-08 by [Edit] [Delete]
ESL job search resources for Canadians seeking teaching positions and schools seeking Canadian teachers. Job board, resume board, discussion forum and more.

Submitted on 2004-02-11 by Mike Keenan [Edit] [Delete]
Language teachers all over the world can advertise their classes. The portal is in 6 languages and translators can also register.

Submitted on 2004-02-09 by David Shubert [Edit] [Delete]
Job seekers can search for jobs nationwide for free, post their resume, read career articles and lots more!
[ Webmaster's Note: I looked, and yes, there do appear to be some ESL jobs here. (Search for ESL in their search engine.) The site appears to be US-only, though --Kristina ]

Language School Teachers
Submitted on 2003-10-14 by Dan [Edit] [Delete]
Find your own language students directly. Teach locally or to language learners all over the world by teaching online. Establish your reputation by accumulating favorable reviews from your students.

National Security Agency
Submitted on 2003-07-25 by Raquel [Edit] [Delete]
Federal government employment opportunities for Language Analysts. Please visit the careers site to find out specific requirements and languages we are seeking. * Must be a US citizen and be residing in the US to be considered for employment.

International Job Listings
Submitted on 2003-01-27 by Jeannie Butzler [Edit] [Delete]
ESL jobs available in Saudi Arabia. Please go to the web site for details and information.

Teaching English in Costa Rica
Submitted on 2003-01-19 by Michael Whittemore [Edit] [Delete]
Interested in teaching English as a second language in Costa Rica? Visit our site.

ESL in Canada Directory
Submitted on 2002-10-24 by Ross McBride [Edit] [Delete]
Teachers Wanted This page lists the ESL teaching jobs available through the ESL in Canada network. Current job locations include Canada, Korea and China.

CJO - International House in Poland
Submitted on 2002-09-19 by Rod Fricker [Edit] [Delete]
Information about our schools and life in Poland and the latest vacancies for four International House schools in Southern Poland. Also subsidised training opportunities at the Wroclaw Training Centre

Native English Center
Submitted on 2001-11-05 by Bill Spirito [Edit] [Delete]
This website offers information and links regarding studying and teaching English in Bogotá, Colombia.

Submitted on 2001-06-26 by Admin [Edit] [Delete]
Do you want a job teaching english abroad? Are you a teacher who needs good resources for your class? You can find them at:

Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Recruitment
Submitted on 2001-05-01 by Peter Beech [Edit] [Delete]
We have dozens of vacancies throughout Greece for newly-qualified and more experienced teachers. We provide detailed information about conditions of employment, and we draw up the contract between you and your employer, ensuring you get a fair deal.
Submitted on 2000-05-12 by Samule Yoon [Edit] [Delete] specializes in providing the latest language training jobs on our extensive posting service and helps to recruit Instructors in all studies of languages for language training schools all over the world.
Submitted on 2000-04-30 by Robin Alexander [Edit] [Delete]
Extensive job classifieds among other free services including free web based email of and, discussion areas, and other free services.

English International
Submitted on 2000-01-30 by Jeff Mohamed [Edit] [Delete]
Information and advice on many aspects of TEFL/TESL including: the overseas TEFL job market, TEFL training programs in North America, useful publications and web sites. A very good FAQ's page.

The Jobshop
Submitted on 1999-07-06 by Ben Ward [Edit] [Delete]
ESL/EFL job listing updated weekly primarily for teachers seeking jobs in the U.S.

The Internet Job Search for ESL
Submitted on 1999-01-13 by Tom Riedmiller [Edit] [Delete]
This site is a meta-list and clearinghouse for the ESL job search. This site not just a collection of links. The site will guide you to appropriate job hunting resources no matter what stage of the ESL job search you are in.

The International Educator
Submitted on 1998-02-10 by Nikki Gundry [Edit] [Delete]
The International Educator (TIE) website directs you to everything you need to know about securing an overseas teaching position in American International Schools. TIE lists hundreds of available positions.

TESOL-Spain News & Job Board
Submitted on 1997-02-07 by Dede Teeler. [Edit] [Delete]
. TESOL-Spain news and job listings. Also site of Basque/Euskadi area TESOL.

Career Resource Center
Submitted on 1996-11-06 by Marc D. Snyder. [Edit] [Delete]
. If it's about your career ... it's here!!! [Webmaster's Note: This appears to be quite a comprehensive job search site. It has links to many other job search resources on the net. If nothing else, it's worth a try!]

Browse job ads
Submitted on 1996-09-04 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
from the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, and a few more major US newspapers. Registration is free. I recommend looking under categories such as "teaching" or "education," and using their keyword option to look for "English"

Employment Resources for Language Teachers
Submitted on 1996-09-04 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
at the University of Ohio. Has some listings of US and non-US jobs, including jobs in languages other than English

The Riley Guide to Employment Opportunities on the Internet
Submitted on 1996-09-04 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
The classic guide by Margaret F. Riley. At any rate, it might be interesting to look at what's available here.

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