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This page is for comments concerning Scripts for Educators CGI programs. (You can download the various scripts from here).

Please, please, pretty-please, read the following before you email me:-)

[I've read all this. Just let me send email now!]

Be sure your email address is correct or there's no way I can respond to you. I try to respond to everyone, so if you don't hear from me, chances are you accidentally typed your email address incorrectly.

Be specific! Tell me which exact script you're having trouble with. I have over 20 free CGI scripts on this site, including more than one quiz script, more than one calculator script, and several scripts which send email. If you say "The quiz script doesn't work" I won't know what you're talking about. :-)

What does debugging say? Most of the scripts have a debugging option that gives lots of info. Even if the debugging stuff isn't helpful to you, it may be to me!

Be detailed! If this is a support request, or a problem report, please describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Please include the steps you took right before the problem happened, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead. The more you tell me, the better I can help!

Did you read the FAQ and the README files? I've put a lot of time into trying to write instructions and documentation for the scripts. Most emails I get are covered in one of these. :-)

What is the exact error? If there is an error message, I really need to know exactly what it is. Again, the more info you give me, the better I can help.

Be patient! I have a bit of an overactive spam filter at times so I may miss your email. Plus, I get a lot of messages. If I don't respond to you for a few days, please feel free to email me again! I might have missed it in the rush. I do try to respond to all email, though, so don't give up. :-)

I'm happy to help! Heck, I want these scripts to work for you just as much as you do! Just give me a little help in return by giving me enough information.

NOTICE: These scripts are NOT supported for sites hosted on Period. Ever. If you want to use them, get off Tripod and try a different web hosting provider.

Greetz to people who found this page with a search for "ssi exploit." This is not the script you're looking for. </Jedi hand wave> This is an email feedback form. You are probably looking for MakeBook, which is on the MakeBook page. The exploit you're trying was fixed in MakeBook over a year ago, and only works if what you enter is posted to an HTML page on a server that executes SSI (SSI exploit) or posted to any general HTML page (CSS/Javascript exploit). I mean, hey, you can try it here if you want, but it just looks kind of silly trying to exploit the wrong thing. :-) Be cool, and have fun.

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