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Welcome to SillySite's Make Your Own Webpage form! This program will help you create a simple webpage that you can display for all to see. You can even edit it until it's like you want it to look. To begin, just choose some colors etc from below, then click the "Go ahead, make my page!" button. If you don't like it, just hit the "back" button on your browser and change the colors around. When you get something you like, click the button that says "Mail me my page" and SillySite will send your new web page to you by email. Just save it to a file, then upload it to your website. It's just that easy. :-)

Tell us who you are!

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Now, pick out your color scheme!

(Don't worry, you can always change it later...) You should use very light text and link colors if you choose a dark background, and very dark colors if you use a light background. Play around with color combinations until you find one you like!

Choose a background color for your page:

Choose a color for the text on your page:

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Choose a color for the links on your page after someone visits them:

Choose a color that you want the links on your page to flash when someone clicks on them :

Pick out a Picture!

Please choose a graphic for the top of your page. When you make your page, you can see if the graphic will work with your color scheme. Most of the graphics are just welcome signs of one type or another, but we also have a token doggie and kitty.

Write your heart out!

Now, please enter any text that you'd like to put on your page. Separate paragraphs by double-spacing. Be creative!

Link Up!

In the next few spaces, you can put the addresses of other websites that you like and want to link to on your page. Make sure you type carefully. If you don't know any sites you'd like to link to, you can just leave these the way they are.
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