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Find the answer that best matches the underlined word or phrase.

1. He (disposed of) the old materials.
fell away
threw away
went away
cut away

2. Please (submit) your application before two o'clock.
hand in
hand down
hand off
hand out

3. Paul and John (are friendly with) each other.
get by with
get along with
get over with
get through with

4. Were you able to (recover) your stolen laptop?
get back
reach back
go back
come back

5. Someone (illegally entered) the warehouse last night.
broke away
saw through
saw into
broke into

6. After stopping at Miami, the ship (traveled towards) Cuba.
made to
passed up
went over
headed for

7. Mr. Saito was (hit by a car) yesterday on his way to work.
run up
run through
run over
run out

8. Please (read) the instructions carefully before starting the work.
watch out
look up
let down
go over

9. Yukiko (resembles) her mother more than her father.
takes after
goes after
looks after
calls after

10. Bill's secretary (interrupted) to tell him he had a telephone call.
cut out
cut in
took in
took out