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Employment (China)

China appears to be one of the largest recruiters of English language teachers worldwide. This page contains links to sites seeking people to teach in China, information from teachers teaching in China, various recruitment organizations for China teaching jobs, and other information. Note: as always, I cannot stress this enough: Never take a job outside your native country without doing serious research into the recruitment organization, visa requirements, costs, and so forth.

If you suspect that one of the organizations listed below is in any way fraudulent, please click here to email us!

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Important China Notice: Please read a bit of info about jobs in China, visas, regulations and guidelines BEFORE you apply for a job or contact a recruiter for jobs in China.
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Submitted on 2022-07-06 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
Jobs are displayed with the salary range in order of Application Deadlines. Jobs will be kept in the database until the application deadline has passed.

West 2 East ESL
Submitted on 2015-05-18 by Chris Chaplin [Edit] [Delete]
Are you looking for an awesome job in China? we have plenty available! get in touch today, with this British owned and run company, in China. We are all currently working teachers in China, and decided to work as recruiters so we could help others change their lives for the better. Come on an adventure!

ESL jobs
Submitted on 2015-03-10 by Leo Wang [Edit] [Delete]
Lynbee Education Services is an American company in California providing dedicated services to ESL teachers and college graduates. Currently, we cooperate with hundreds of schools in China recruiting native English speakers to teach ESL in China. We also work with new college graduates to help them looking for the paid teaching jobs in China to build experience.

Submitted on 2014-08-05 by kyle zheng [Edit] [Delete]
Introduction Of NewWorldEsl Aimed at establishing an efficient, transparent communication directly between ESL teachers and Chinese schools, We NewWorldEsl are contributing to the the English education industry in China while making friends from every corner of this planet.

Gold Star TEFL Recruitment
Submitted on 2014-07-17 by Gold Star TEFL Recruitment [Edit] [Delete]
Gold Star TEFL Recruitment will assist you in finding the best ESL teaching jobs in China with the leading schools in major cities. With over 10 years experience in the ESL industry, we offer a reliable and trustworthy service, completely free of charge from start to finish.

Teaching Jobs in China
Submitted on 2014-02-18 by Disney [Edit] [Delete]
Disney English has been sharing the gift of English with thousands of children across China. Using our award-winning curriculum and our unique characters and stories, we help children develop a passion for the English language. Here, we give educators and a variety of other professionals the opportunity to shape young children's futures and build rewarding relationships with them along the way.
Submitted on 2013-09-25 by stillbe [Edit] [Delete] is a job portal for expatriates and English speakers to seek jobs globally and especially in field of ESL and in Asia area.

China Career
Submitted on 2013-04-10 by Colin To [Edit] [Delete]
China jobs, career, recruitment and employment site

Connect the Dots
Submitted on 2012-07-23 by CHRISTOPHER CHANG [Edit] [Delete]
We provide high quality specialized private English tutorial lessons to help students reach their full potential.Our trained and caring Native English tutors deliver customized learning plans to help students with their individual learning needs in primary school, secondary school, university and as professionals in Hong Kong.

Teaching Nomad
Submitted on 2012-05-29 by Steve Zhou [Edit] [Delete]
Teaching Nomad is an American owned placement service located in Shanghai, China. Users can browse for jobs that we current have available in terms of location, salary, benefits, and job requirements. If they choose to apply to our website they will be able to speak to a consultant if they qualify. We are contracted out by the schools so we charge absolutely no fees to the teachers.

New China Language Recruitment
Submitted on 2011-08-25 by Ross Baron [Edit] [Delete]
New China Language Recruitment is a specialist recruitment consultancy which focuses solely on the ESL education market in China. You will find on our site: - Information relating to the teaching environment, and opportunity to teach in China. - Information relating to our company, and the city we are based. - Guidance on how to contact us. We have experience as teachers, and as recruitment consultants.

Dragon Charm
Submitted on 2010-09-15 by Darryl Wallace [Edit] [Delete]
At you can find out about our range of flexible teaching and other employment opportunities in China. As our programmes are flexible there is something for everyone at all times of the year. Dragon Charm also provides cultural programmes and activities for teachers to experience local life and make the most of their China experience. Visit our website to view our programmes and cultural activities and contact us for more information.

Professional Interpretation Services
Submitted on 2010-08-13 by mansi [Edit] [Delete]
Global provider of interpretation solutions. Professional Legal, Medical, Conference and Phone interpreting.

Submitted on 2009-08-19 by Niu Qiang [Edit] [Delete]
Books and free articles for China teachers and wannabees. Job listings

Linguaphone China recruitment website
Submitted on 2009-07-04 by James O'Dowd [Edit] [Delete]
Recruitment website for Linguaphone China. Jobs available across China for one of the world's leading language training providers.

Oral English teacher are needed in China
Submitted on 2009-05-12 by Janehan [Edit] [Delete]
The Native English Speaker Recruit Project (China District) is run by the International Education Volunteer Organization (China). It is authorized by the Chinese Education System to recruit foreign English teachers.

QMCC Recruitment
Submitted on 2009-04-28 by Sally Spark [Edit] [Delete]
QMCC Recruitment is an ESL recruitment website. It provides professional ESL teachers an opportunity to browse available positions in and around China and apply direclty. You can contact us direclty as well as online.

Work in China Agent
Submitted on 2009-03-25 by Yong Chen [Edit] [Delete]
English Teacher job openings in China. If you have a college degree, or have a ESL certificate; we can help you find an English Teacher position in China.

Middle Kingdom Life
Submitted on 2009-02-13 by Gregory Mavrides, PhD [Edit] [Delete]
Middle Kingdom Life offers the comprehensive Foreign Teachers' Guide to Living and Teaching in China covering more than 48 topics.

Submitted on 2008-12-22 by George Edwards [Edit] [Delete]
Always interested to hear of teachers wanting to work in China (Beijing) and help with new product development and launch (ESP and management crossover products)

Beijing Angelina's ESL Cafe
Submitted on 2008-11-18 by vivilin [Edit] [Delete]
As the Largest ESL Agency in China, Angelina's ESL Caf has partners of Over 700 Well-known Public Universities throughout China, providing lots of positions to serious applicant. More Opportunities, More Choices!

Network ESL - Teach in China
Submitted on 2008-10-26 by Chris Johnson [Edit] [Delete]
Teach English in China-ESL Jobs in China, Education resources for teachers and schools

EF English First
Submitted on 2008-04-22 by Anthony Permaye [Edit] [Delete]
EF Education was founded by Bertil Hult in Lund, Sweden in 1965. Since 1965 our mission has remained the same: to bridge cultural gaps and tear down language barriers by providing quality language instruction and educational travel. Today, EF Education is the worlds largest private educational organization. We are a multi-national company with over 100 offices in 51 countries.

Teachers Employment Network
Submitted on 2008-04-10 by Edward [Edit] [Delete]
Leading educational employment source site,providing services to job seekers, employers and recruiters in China

Teach English in China
Submitted on 2007-11-30 by Network ESL [Edit] [Delete]
Over 4000 Quality, Licensed ESL positions throughout China and Free education resources for teachers

Teachers Employment Network
Submitted on 2007-10-30 by teachingpositions [Edit] [Delete]
We are the Teachers Employment Network, a reputable educational NGO in Beijing, the capital of China. In the rolling education program of internship English teachers, we want to take long-term strategic cooperation, with you, especially with your affiliated students who want to look for the internship works.

Teaching jobs in China
Submitted on 2007-06-14 by Lorna Lu [Edit] [Delete]
An ESL teachers recruitment website, providing teaching positions in China. Schools can post their job ads and teachers can post their CVs and browse the vacancies. We can also recommend the registered teachers to other opportunies which may not be online.

Teach English in China
Submitted on 2007-03-01 by Tracy [Edit] [Delete]
We send native English speakers to China teaching in schools including universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. We have successful experience and resources selecting high-quality and reliable people to teach in China. Every applicant is required to have a bachelor degree, must be a native English speaker. TESL/TEFL certificate is not required but preferred. We have no preference as of backgrounds, majors, ages, genders, races or marital status.

American ESL Centre
Submitted on 2006-11-15 by McKyle [Edit] [Delete]
American ESL Centre provides ESL teaching professionals with access to teaching jobs all over China. We also offer professional recrutiment services for schools, universities, and businesses across mainland China.

Teach English in China
Submitted on 2006-07-01 by Patrick [Edit] [Delete]
Teachers recruitment website in China. You can view details of vacancies online.

Foreign Teachers Network In China
Submitted on 2006-04-14 by Victor [Edit] [Delete]
Our major job is to match the English teachers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland with our partner schools in China. To find a teaching job through us is free!

China Online
Submitted on 2006-03-24 by China Online [Edit] [Delete]
The China Online jobs channel offers daily updated job listings in English for China. English teaching job offers are posted daily from schools throughout China. Teachers can post their resume.

Teach and experience China
Submitted on 2004-10-16 by Roger Zhang [Edit] [Delete]
Future English is a great place to experience teaching as well as life in China. Being a native English speaker who lives and teaches in China is perhaps the best experience anyone could spend in their life. Our school strongly encourages instructors to actively take part in all aspects of Chinese culture. This includes language study, martial arts, calligraphy, and social activities. Coming to China is not a job but an adventure.
Submitted on 2004-09-08 by Serene [Edit] [Delete]
It's a website where you could find the info about all the educational entities within Huamei Education Group.

Teach English in China -
Submitted on 2004-05-16 by Roy [Edit] [Delete]
Provides the latest ESL/EFL jobs and school information around China.Post your resume and Get a good esl job! Our services are all FREE to you!

Teach English in China
Submitted on 2004-03-25 by Lisa [Edit] [Delete] offers you great opportunities to teach English in China, for there are abundant and urgent demands from kindergarten to university all around the country. Professional career consultation will be available for individual applicants. The personalized services offered include: 1.recommending suitable cities in accordance with your longevity 2.publicizing and recommending your resume accommodation and free travels in China and a lot more...

college introduction
Submitted on 2003-11-22 by xwanlei [Edit] [Delete]
The English Department at Xinyang Agricultural College, Henan Province, China P.R., need native speakers as English teachers for bachelor students. Interested please contac and send a resume

Beijing Chinese School
Submitted on 2003-08-27 by Tom Wayne [Edit] [Delete]
BCS offers Chinese and English language lessons to the residents and visitors to Beijing. BCS also has partnerships with universities in various cities in China for the placement of native English speaking teachers.

BENZHI - EFL and ESL Resources and Jobs
Submitted on 2003-08-15 by Dave Koz [Edit] [Delete]
BENZHI is primarily an EFL job listing site, but has resources, information, articles, forums, and advice for teaching in China, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Teach English In China
Submitted on 2003-07-20 by Dou Songlin [Edit] [Delete]
Teaching Opportunities in China. Many positions from the university to middle school levels are available for English speaking teachers. Visit the Hebei New Times International Services website at for more information.

Zhuo Yue English College (China)
Submitted on 2003-02-26 by Francis Barrett [Edit] [Delete]
Information and contact information for teaching positions in China.

Ajisen Education Group
Submitted on 2003-01-31 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
Ajisen Education Group recruits teachers for Chinese schools. We also run our own English programs within the schools we serve. Please visit us online for further information.

Teachers of English for China
Submitted on 2003-01-09 by Jenny Fang [Edit] [Delete]
Liaoning Province, located in the North of China, recruits teachers of English for universities, secondary schools and language schools. Starting dates: Sept. 1 or March 1 (every year). Contracts for 1 year (6 months possible in some cases). 4000 RMB/month + air fare reimbursed + free private and furnished accommodation. Requirement: Bachelor degree, native English speaker, flexible and open-minded

Orxil - Business English Classifieds
Submitted on 2002-10-15 by Gordon Graham [Edit] [Delete]
Helps businesses in Asia find qualified Business English trainers. Offers tips and suggestions on how to make Business English training effective. Includes Business English forum and job classifieds.

Teach ESL in China
Submitted on 2002-08-12 by Eddie Mills [Edit] [Delete]
The International Education Exchange Association, Inc., (IEEA) is a non-profit association that is registered in the USA and with the Ministry of Education in Beijing. The IEEA recruits and helps qualified native English speaking teachers to find schools in Hainan Province that could use their expertise in English.

EFL/ESL instructors
Submitted on 2002-04-14 by xiezhian [Edit] [Delete]
Hi there, Shengda College, Henan, China expects you person to contact: Contract terms: Vacancy: 5 Language: English Education: at least bachelor Contract time: one year Courses: oral English, English writing, British and American literature Workload: 18 periods/week Monthly salary(RMB): 3,500 for bachlor, 4000 for master, 4,500 for doctor Flight tip: Round Trip Annual travel allowance(RMB): 3,000

Native-English teachers in Hong Kong
Submitted on 2002-03-31 by Wendy Arnold [Edit] [Delete]
Po Leung Kuk (PLK), a charitable organization and the sponsoring body of 26 government-subvented primary school in Hong Kong is inviting high caliber English native-speaking teachers to teach English in their Chinese-medium schools. Visit our site for more information and application forms.

Teach English in China
Submitted on 2002-02-03 by Steve Xu [Edit] [Delete]
Job & CV postings online free of charge, school database, teach in China materials and other resources for teachers who want to teach in China.

Multilingual Books
Submitted on 2001-12-02 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
The Tongue Goes Through the Teeth, a documentary about teaching English in China can be purchased through this site. (Scroll waaaaaay down towards the bottom.)

EFL Jobs in China
Submitted on 2001-11-29 by Manor Courses Ltd [Edit] [Delete]
We are recruiting EFL teachers for posts in China. We have a total of 8 vacancies in 2 different institutes. Full details available from our website, under the 'Jobs' section.

ALTEC Training Centers, China
Submitted on 2001-06-25 by Simi Dhillon [Edit] [Delete]
Teaching at multi-national company's such as Hewlett Packard, PepsiCo., Exxon and many more. Learn about corporate training programs and how you can be a part of the training team at ALTEC.

Hong Kong English Teachers
Submitted on 2001-04-24 by John Morgan [Edit] [Delete]
Information and contact details for those interested in teaching English in primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong

й˲ (
Submitted on 2000-06-01 by Ao Jingsong [Edit] [Delete]
offer information for the people who are interested in working (teaching English) in China

Appalachians Abroad Teach in China Program
Submitted on 1999-09-22 by QingQing Zhao, Coordinator of China Projects [Edit] [Delete]
Marshall University's Appalachians Abroad Teach in China Program has an immediate need for an individual to teach at our joint English and business two-year college in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. This position will begin in October and continue through the end of June, 2000. It can be extended for another year with the joint agreement between the instructor and Marshall University. Qualifications include a bachelor degree, native English proficiency, and multi-cultural sensitivity. Applicants with teaching experience, teaching degree, TESOL training, or the equivalent are preferred. The benefits include: roundtrip airfare; salary 2,500 Chinese Yuan per month (graduate degree 2,750 Yuan); free accommodation (air conditioning, color TV, etc.); health care; free internet access; one month paid vacation; and travel stipend. This position will be open until filled. Other teaching positions in China will be available in mid-February for individuals with teaching experience or TESOL training. For application procedures and online application about this teaching position, please go to our website at http:/

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